Max’s Market has been a family owned and operated business since its opening in 1999.  It evolved out of the 5 restaurants that we operated in the city of Toronto.  As our 4 kids were growing up, we wanted to slow down, so we sold our restaurants and opened Max’s.  Boy were we wrong, Max’s became even a bigger hit than our very successful restaurants.  People loved the fact that we brought restaurant cuisine to their kitchen table at prices that were everyday affordable.  They tasted the quality of our ingredients and the authenticity of our preparation.    We source our food directly, not dealing with middle-men so that we can be sure of its quality.  Most importantly, we believe that everybody should be able to find something that they can enjoy and afford everyday at our store.


Here at Max’s Market, we proudly serve you an assortment of prepared foods and packaged goods.  Our selection includes gourmet meat dishes; home-style comfort food, savoury and sweet pastries, as well as an amazing selection of packaged goods.  Throughout our 15+ years of serving Toronto, our goal has remained the same, to serve you quality fine foods at an affordable price.  We continue to cook with only the freshest ingredients, and use no preservatives in our foods.  We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.