Packaged and Imported Products



Chips, Popcorn & Crackers

Chips, crisps, pappadums, crackers, pita bites, whatever your preference, we’ve got a great selection to choose from. From traditional Kettle Cooked English crisps, to our famous Beet, Green Bean, Carrot, and Garlic chips, to flavored popcorns and tortilla chips, there’s something that everyone can enjoy!

Oils, Vinegars & Dressings

A great meal starts with great ingredients. We’re proud to carry a fantastic array of gourmet cooking and finishing oils. From extra virgin Olive Oils, to various nut oils such as walnut, cashew, and hazelnut, to Truffle oil for the most sophisticated dishes. To make your salads and meals really stand out, come take a look at our delectable array of delicious and eclectic dressings, vinegars, and oils.

Cheese & Deli

If variety and quality is what you’re looking for in gourmet Cheeses and Deli meats, Max’s is the place to be. We oven roast our own Turkey and Chicken breasts and Roast Beefs. We have a wide variety of Organic and Nitrite free coldcuts. In addition to this, our Cheese section boasts over 100 different artisenal cheeses. From Brie to Blue, from Chaumes to Cheddar, we’ve got it covered.

Snacks & Savories

Whether you’re running late, don’t have time to cook up a snack, or need a quick breakfast, a wide selection of snack mixes, granolas, dried fruit, and nuts to choose from leaves everyone happy.


From the minute they get in the door, until they leave, our staff are baking all sorts of delicious treats for you to enjoy. Savory, sweet, and plain croissants, danishes, apple blossoms, and cookies, all baked fresh daily in house. We also carry all sorts of breads from vendors who we believe carry high quality product such as Fred’s Bread, Ace Bakery, Gryfes Bagels, Steeles Bakery, and Circles & Squares.

Jams & Jellies

What good is a great cracker or bread without a great jam to go with it?

Chocolate & Candies

Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got an answer. Over 100 delectable chocolates, candies, jellies, and sweets to choose from.


What better combination is there than milk and cookies! Here at Max’s we’re always looking for new tasty brands to add to our store. Shortbreads to oat thins, gingerbreads to gluten free, there are a ton of varieties to choose from to keep everyone happy. Because who doesn’t like a good cookie!

Pasta & Sauces

Mama mia! Over 100 delectable dried pastas and sauces. Carrying classic Italian brands DeCecco and Aurora, to today’s household names such as Christine Cushing and Jamie Oliver, as well as gourmet sauces by Rao’s and Dave’s Gourmet. We believe that we have a great collection to choose from with something for everyone’s tastes.

Drinks (Lemonades, Pops, Waters, etc.)

Nothing hits the spot on a hot day like a cold drink! We are constantly looking for new, interesting, and tasty drinks to carry in our stores. French sparkling lemonades, naturally flavored, cane sugar sweetened pops, organic pressed fruit juices, and all sorts of iced teas. We feel our drink selection offers all sorts of flavours you won’t find elsewhere.


For the Grand Finale to any great meal, or simply to be enjoyed on its own.

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